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Packages that use XmlRpcInvocationHandler

Uses of XmlRpcInvocationHandler in redstone.xmlrpc

Classes in redstone.xmlrpc that implement XmlRpcInvocationHandler
 class XmlRpcClient
          An XmlRpcClient represents a connection to an XML-RPC enabled server.

Methods in redstone.xmlrpc that return XmlRpcInvocationHandler
 XmlRpcInvocationHandler XmlRpcInvocation.getHandler()
          Returns the handler that will be or has been invoked.
 XmlRpcInvocationHandler XmlRpcServer.getInvocationHandler(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the invocation handler with the given name.

Methods in redstone.xmlrpc with parameters of type XmlRpcInvocationHandler
 void XmlRpcServer.addInvocationHandler(java.lang.String name, XmlRpcInvocationHandler handler)
          Binds an invocation handler object to the given name.

Constructors in redstone.xmlrpc with parameters of type XmlRpcInvocationHandler
XmlRpcInvocation(int invocationId, java.lang.String handlerName, java.lang.String methodName, XmlRpcInvocationHandler handler, java.util.List arguments, writer)

Uses of XmlRpcInvocationHandler in redstone.xmlrpc.handlers

Classes in redstone.xmlrpc.handlers that implement XmlRpcInvocationHandler
 class ReflectiveInvocationHandler
          Note that methods that are to be called over XML-RPC need to be public, or the client will receive a fault message.
 class ValidationHandler
          Handler for the XML-RPC validation suite.