Package redstone.xmlrpc

Interface Summary
XmlRpcCallback Callback interface to implement when using asynchronous invocations with XmlRpcClient.
XmlRpcCustomSerializer Java objects are serialized into XML-RPC values using instances of classes implementing the XmlRpcCustomSerializer class.
XmlRpcInvocationHandler When receiving XML-RPC messages, XmlRpcServers parse the XML payload and dispatch control to XmlRpcInvocationHandlers that perform the actual processing.
XmlRpcInvocationInterceptor Invocation processors are called by XmlRpcServers before and after a call is dispathed to its invocation handler.

Class Summary
XmlRpcArray An Array represents an XML-RPC array in its Java form.
XmlRpcClient An XmlRpcClient represents a connection to an XML-RPC enabled server.
XmlRpcDispatcher Objects of the XmlRpcDispather class perform the parsing of inbound XML-RPC messages received by an XmlRpcServer and are responsible for invoking handlers and dealing with their return values and exceptions.
XmlRpcInvocation Contains information about a particular invocation intercepted by an invocation processor.
XmlRpcJsonSerializer The XmlRpcJsonSerializer class converts Java objects to their JSON counterparts.
XmlRpcMessages Contains various messages generated by the library.
XmlRpcParser An XmlRpcParser converts inbound XML-RPC messages to their Java counterparts through the use of a SAX compliant parser.
XmlRpcProxy An XmlRpcProxy lets you use the services of an XML-RPC server through Java interfaces.
XmlRpcSerializer The XmlRpcSerializer class converts Java objects to their XML-RPC counterparts according to the XML-RPC specification.
XmlRpcServer An XmlRpcServer is responsible for hosting a set of invocation handlers and a set of invocation interceptors.
XmlRpcServlet Servlet that publishes an XmlRpcServer in a web server.
XmlRpcStruct A Struct represents an XML-RPC struct in its Java form.
XmlRpcValue An XmlRpcValue wraps a value object that is initialized with data supplied from the XmlRpcParser according to a specific XML-RPC type.

Exception Summary
XmlRpcException The exception thrown by the XML-RPC library in case of serialization or network problems.
XmlRpcFault Exception thrown by the XML-RPC library in case of a fault response.