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Uses of XmlRpcInvocation in redstone.xmlrpc

Methods in redstone.xmlrpc with parameters of type XmlRpcInvocation
 java.lang.Object XmlRpcInvocationInterceptor.after(XmlRpcInvocation incovation, java.lang.Object returnValue)
          Called by an XmlRpcServer after the supplied method has been called.
 boolean XmlRpcInvocationInterceptor.before(XmlRpcInvocation invocation)
          Called by an XmlRpcServer before the method with the supplied name is called.
 void XmlRpcInvocationInterceptor.onException(XmlRpcInvocation incovation, java.lang.Throwable exception)
          Called by an XmlRpcServer when the supplied method throws an exception.

Uses of XmlRpcInvocation in redstone.xmlrpc.interceptors

Methods in redstone.xmlrpc.interceptors with parameters of type XmlRpcInvocation
 java.lang.Object DebugInvocationInterceptor.after(XmlRpcInvocation invocation, java.lang.Object returnValue)
          Prints trace info on the invocation return value.
 boolean DebugInvocationInterceptor.before(XmlRpcInvocation invocation)
          Prints info on the invocation, the method, and its arguments.
 void DebugInvocationInterceptor.onException(XmlRpcInvocation invocation, java.lang.Throwable exception)
          Prints trace info on the invocation exception.